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Music C•A•R•E•S: Platform for Sustainability and Climate Justice in Music.

"For many years I've been managing tours for several music bands, producing live shows and being part of Fusion Festival, in a sustainable and conscious way for the most part. In 2020 I've finally had time to continue working on Music C•A•R•E•S: a sustainability platform in live-music with social responsibility. In 2021 we hope to launch the test version for all music actors to participate and take real action towards sustainability. The time is now for climate- and socioeconomic justice in live-music, whether on tour, a live-show or a festival; Music C•A•R•E•S provides solutions for the music industry to tackle the climate crisis for real." Mauricio Lizarazo Prada, Berlin 2020

The debate about climate justice and equal opportunities does not stop at the music industry: The music industry, however, is very energy and resource intensive in all relevant areas. If we want to continue enjoying music as we do today, we need to make sustainable choices. So far there is no tool that can show the sustainability impact in direct relation to cost-benefit ratios at music events, and thus enable a holistic view of the three dimensions of sustainable development - the environment, social issues, and economy. Music Actors, Artists, Agencies, Bands, Bookers, Partners, Producers, Promoters and event managers need appropriate support if they are to make music more sustainable. To solve these problems, Mauricio Lizarazo Prada designed the Music C•A•R•E•S platform. With the help of this platform, we should be enabled to plan and implement live music events more sustainably in all relevant areas such as mobility, energy supply or catering. It brings together players in the music industry and politics as well as consumers and promotes economic, ecological and social sustainability at all levels. Music C•A•R•E•S stands for: Create, Apply, Reduce, Engage and Safeguard in the music industry. Lizarazo Prada is involved in the Berlin music industry as a spokesperson for various networks in the music sector. Sustainable music events are the focus of his professional work. This engagement led to a scientific cooperation with the Beuth University of Technology in Berlin. The developed concept Music C•A•R•E•S was examined by a student at the university in his bachelor thesis. In addition, the findings were transferred to use case diagrams in order to visualize the functionality of the platform. Therefore, we need an efficient information solution for a sustainable Music C•A•R•E•S platform SEO-based technology. The platform enables the actors to assume even greater responsibility for climate protection, resource conservation and socio-cultural development to meaningfully support the Sustainable Development Goals. The platform Music C•A•R•E•S serves as a network for regional and sustainable providers, enables synergies and thus promotes the economic sustainability of all those involved.

Thereby we would like to offer the players in the music industry concrete solutions in order to achieve economic and environmental sustainability. To implement this concept, we are looking for partners and institutions to bring the sustainable model Music C•A•R•E•S to the next level. Click here to watch the presentation video (in German with English subtitles).


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