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Update COVID-19: Great challenges bring even greater opportunities.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

As for this year, all music events on our side have been cancelled or postponed for next year. For the upcoming weeks and months we have to figure out how are we going to tackle the challenges ahead with this whole COVID-19 situation and figure out how to move forward in the most sustainable, rational and sensible way. That being said we won’t be able to go back to the 'normality' that brought us to the current 'status-quo' that generated the crisis.

I’d like to take the opportunity to add that this whole situation is one more proof in the prodigious chain of experiments, attempts, acts and omissions that make up the existence of humanity. Interesting is to read the virus has stopped most activities impacting our economies but also lowering levels of environmental contamination in several regions decreasing CO2 emissions dramatically. Could it be that the Earth needs to breathe? Nature is taking a break from us? I believe so. This is an opportunity to radically alter our behaviors and create alternatives that help us all and the environment to be sustainable. Let's look at all the possibilities and don't limit our concern to longing for what we were doing before the crisis. This 'normality', like the virus, affected our lives by passing out on rational conditions, conducive to the development of our minds and bodies. I hope that after overcoming the present difficulties, we’d adapt to live with the virus and learned something truly valuable, remembered important feelings that were forgotten, found that there is still time and space for corrections, personal and collective, economic and spiritual.

I hope we’d be able to continue at some point with our endeavors in a meaningful, grateful and sustainable way. Thank you for reading.

My wishes continue for all of us to find our balance and that we all remain healthy, full of inspiration, creativity and patience.

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